Veneers - the easy way to your perfect smile

A beautiful and healthy smile gives joy and self-confidence to its owners. It also allows you to manage your impression of yourself, attract attention and arouse the disposition of the interlocutor.

How to fix the situation if a natural smile is far from ideal?

Installing veneers allows you to achieve the perfect smile both in shape and color. Today technology has made this procedure absolutely safe for the health of your teeth.

Application of veneers

Veneers - these are ultra-thin porcelain or composite plates that are used to level the surface of the tooth or its color, when methods such as whiteningare not allowed. Veneers cover only the frontal part of the tooth and do not require grinding of the tooth surface for their application, which makes their use absolutely safe.

However, veneers cannot be used in cases of improper bite, extreme sports or missing chewing teeth.

Installation of veneers

The veneers are attached to the front surface of the teeth, which are in the "smile zone". Depending on the individual characteristics of the structure of the face, these are 8 or 10 teeth of the upper and lower row. To create an individual and unique image, we take into account the peculiarities of the structure of each person's face, the type of smile, the shape of the lips, the shape of the eyes and many more factors.

If necessary, veneers can be combined with crowns - when veneers are installed on some teeth, and on others crowns... In this case, it is important that they are made of the same material.

Our specialists will help you choose an individual solution that takes into account all your wishes and peculiarities. A new smile can completely change your life!

Preparation before placing veneers on teeth

Installing veneers requires some preparation:

  • Computer photo diagnostics and physician's assessment of key aesthetic and functional parameters
  • X-ray or computed tomography makes it possible to make the right decisions during the treatment
  • Performance professional teeth cleaning helps to choose the right color of veneers and allows the doctor to make sure that there are no early forms of caries.

Benefits of installing veneers

The use of advanced technologies when installing veneers makes this procedure absolutely safe for the health of your teeth. And the result allows you to make your smile perfect.

The materials from which veneers are created are biocompatible and fully mimic the natural properties of tooth tissues.

Patient comfort is very important to us. Therefore our team does everything so that already on the way to your ideal smile, you get the maximum of positive emotions.

The procedure is easy and comfortable at every stage. We make sure that you get the best result in the long term.

This approach allows us to make sure that we meet only for good reasons. That is why our patients become our friends and are happy to talk about us.

And if you don't have friends yet who can already recommend us, then get acquainted with examples of our workto form your opinion before signing up for a consultation.

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