Dental prosthetics with crowns and veneers

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Implantation and prosthetics. A friendly solution if at least one tooth is missing.

In the absence of one or more teeth, our arsenal contains correct and reliable solutions. Implantation is the basis for prosthetics, in which adjacent teeth are not grinded. Modern technologies, unique knowledge and an individual approach make it possible to help our patients in the most difficult situations. Details about reliable dental implants and the possibilities of dental implantation here.

A healthy and attractive smile has become the hallmark of a successful person in the modern world. She immediately attracts attention and arouses the disposition of the interlocutor. The harmony and beauty of a healthy smile plays a decisive role in the final choice of a partner or employee.

Modern dental prosthetics can perform both restorative and aesthetic functions. The use of crowns allows you to restore decayed teeth, and the use of veneers can completely change the appearance of your smile!

What do you definitely get for a consultation at German Dentistry?

During the consultation, the doctor determines which method of restoring the dentition will give the best results in each case. Regardless of which method of prosthetics has been chosen, the treatment will be carried out as quickly as possible, on time and in maximum comfort. The way it is done in Germany.

What conditions will be fulfilled on our part?

The principles of working with our admirers are important for us. Honesty and transparency in medical and financial matters - our main advantages. You will know the clear sequence of all stages and their cost.

How much?

We are a completely accessible clinic. Medicine is a complex discipline that requires the use of a large amount of technology, knowledge and protocols. Many of our services are already included in the price of a specific treatment. The price for a crown or veneer already includes all the necessary materials, visits, fittings, corrections, color picking, polishing, impressions, photographs, the work of high-class design technicians, etc. Many clinics manipulate the number of small services and manipulations in the treatment process. The cost of a treatment that seemed inexpensive eventually becomes impressive.

We work in a fundamentally different way. You know everything in advance. All inclusive. Nothing extra. Our professional consultants-administrators will tell you about this as clearly as possible by phone or at a meeting in our clinics.

What is our guarantee?

Transparency and honesty are the basic principles that are incorporated into our warranty obligations. They are clearly spelled out, you can see them here

Types of solutions. Prosthetics options

  • Sintered metal... The base of the future tooth is a metal cap covered with a layer of ceramics, on top of the metal cap is a layer of ceramics. This technology is already “yesterday”. We use metal-ceramic crowns as a temporary solution and only in exceptional cases.
  • Ceramic inlays. A reliable alternative to chewing tooth fillings. They are used when an insignificant part of the tooth is destroyed. By the principle of operation, ceramic inlays are similar to fillings, but their strength and durability are much higher. The service life significantly exceeds the service life of photopolymer fillings.
  • Metal-free ceramics or also called all-ceramic crown. The entire tooth is 100% ceramic. The metal base-cap, as was done before, is completely absent. These crowns are as natural and natural as possible, since the light reflection and color rendition are the same as in real teeth. There are several manufacturers of top-end ceramic materials in the world. There are zirconium oxide ceramics and pressed ceramics, however there is a wide variety of colors and shades. The correct palette of paints can be selected by an experienced tandem of a dentist and a ceramic technician. Only in this case your smile will become individually perfect! The service life of such crowns is 10 years or more.
  • Veneers are ultra-thin ceramic plates. Materials and technologies are used the same as in the manufacture of all-ceramic crowns. Only the thickness of the ceramic is less than one millimeter. Thanks to veneers, you can change the aesthetics of teeth in the smile line. The service life of veneers is more than 10 years.

How the crown is placed on the tooth

If teeth are damaged by caries, they must be treated. It is important to carry out the procedure before prosthetics professional teeth cleaning.

Next, the design of the crown and your smile is done. If we are talking about changing the dentition and the shape of teeth with the help of crowns, then a prototype of future teeth is made from wax or the future tooth is digitally modeled. After that, temporary crowns are made of durable aesthetic plastic. This allows the temporary crowns to "work out" all important physical and functional parameters, as well as to take into account all aesthetic wishes.

The next step is to prepare the tooth for the crown. An impression of the upper and lower jaw is made, a 3-D model is made and the crown is tried on. When the fitting was successful, the installation and fixation of the permanent crown is carried out.


How to view our work?

Our work "Before and After" you can see in this section of the site... If you have any additional questions, we are happy to answer them professionally!

How to come to visit us?

Everything is very simple. Leave your contact phone number by clicking on the phone icon at the bottom right of the screen - we will call you back and sign you up for a consultation with the best specialist.

Smile more often!



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