High quality teeth whitening

A beautiful "Hollywood" smile gives its owner a whole range of bonuses: you are attractive, you are immediately distinguished from other people, you are remembered, you cause affection!

The human brain is designed in such a way that it is easier for him to perceive images. Therefore, a delightful smile is a powerful tool in creating an impression of yourself.

The dream of a radiant and healthy smile, painlessly and without any harm to health, can easily be realized by our specialists

That is why many people dream of a radiant and healthy smile. And now this dream can be easily realized into reality and painlessly and without any harm to health!

A personal approach and professional selection of innovative teeth whitening technologies will help make your smile snow-white.

Whitening indications:

  • the patient's desire to make his smile more attractive;
  • a noticeable difference in the color of the teeth - discoloration.

In dentistry, teeth whitening is an individual course of measures aimed at changing the color of the enamel - teeth whitening, which is selected depending on the state of the patient's enamel and the desired result. Of course, the safest teeth whitening is under the supervision of a specialist.

Preparing for teeth whitening

First of all, you need:

  • visit a hygienist for professional teeth cleaning;
  • pick up means for the care of teeth and gums, preparing them for teeth whitening (if indicated);
  • choose means to strengthen the enamel after teeth whitening - their use will be fully justified by the long-lasting and persistent effect of lightening and the health of teeth and gums.

Teeth whitening in Kharkov: methods and cost

Whitening teeth with paste.

If you decide to try to whiten your teeth with a special paste, you need to remember that its action is based on abrasive particles, which more aggressively clean teeth from plaque, briefly making them whiter.

How much does teeth whitening cost in this case? The cost of pastes in comparison with the "cabinet" type of whitening is relatively low, but the achieved effect is far from ideal. At the same time, the enamel is significantly damaged during such a procedure. And keep in mind that you won't be able to whiten your teeth with high quality at the price of a regular paste - special formulations are much more expensive.

otbelivanie ofisnoe"Office" or "office" whitening.

When preparing for teeth whitening, the doctor must carry out professional teeth cleaning, after which he assesses the condition of your enamel, and selects the safest duration and intensity of the whitening procedure. All this guarantees not only a snow-white, but also a healthy smile.

To whiten teeth in dentistry, special compounds based on hydrogen peroxide are used. Only the most famous brands, such as the American brand BEYOND, can boast of a unique balanced formula in which special compounds are used with an active whitening component that well control tooth sensitivity.

When teeth whitening at the dentist, a significant change in the color of the dentition (or even 1 tooth) can be achieved in a short period of time.

Laser whitening

The use of unique technologies for controlling the spectrum and intensity of the luminous flux used in our dentistry is by far the most popular, effective and, most importantly, a gentle method of obtaining the desired snow-white smile.

"Home" whitening

otbelivanie domashnee

In terms of quality, the result is similar to professional teeth whitening in dentistry. The main difference is that the whitening process is not directly controlled by a specialist. This means that the process cannot be adjusted at any time for the desired result.

How much does it cost to whiten teeth this way? The price depends on how many teeth and how much you need to lighten them. The doctor preliminarily takes casts of the patient's dentition and thin transparent polystyrene mouthguards are made from them. The patient receives a tooth whitening product, a case for storing a mouthguard and detailed instructions.

To achieve the whitening effect, fill the tray with gel and follow the instructions in the instructions. As a rule, mouthguards are worn at night.

Summing up... Which of the ways to choose to get the best result. Our team recommends Beyond teeth whitening

"Beyond"Is an American technology that is gaining popularity from year to year. Whitening involves chemicals that penetrate deep into the enamel of the teeth to remove stains. As a result, you get not only high quality whitening, but also long-term results.

Before whitening, it is imperative to cure teeth, remove tartar and carry out professional teeth cleaning... Depending on the general condition of the teeth, a course of enamel strengthening may also be required.

How is whitening with the Beyond Polus apparatus

  • The lips and skin around the mouth are closed with special pads, the gums are closed with a composition that does not allow active components to reach it. Eyes are protected - with tinted glasses.
  • A brightening gel is applied to the teeth. After that, a special lamp (with a unique system of intensity and control of the luminous flux) activates the oxidizers included in it. Most often, the process takes 30–45 minutes - this is one third less than other methods.
  • As soon as the desired intensity of lightening is achieved, the gels are removed, and the surface of the teeth is treated with enamel strengthening compounds.

It is also possible to whiten one tooth or part of a tooth. The light filtration system in the Beyond Polus device removes heat and ultraviolet radiation, making the procedure safe and as comfortable as possible.

The key to the success and safety of teeth whitening is strict adherence to the doctor's recommendations. In the clinic "German Dentistry", the teeth whitening course is carried out under medical supervision. So this procedure is absolutely safe. Based on many years of experience, knowledge and wishes of the patient, our specialists will select the best option.

Our concern is your healthy and beautiful smile!

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