Teeth straightening with braces and aligners

Correct bite and position of teeth is not only an aesthetic component of your appearance, but also a guarantee of the health of your entire body. Therefore, solving one problem, you get two results at once - a healthy and beautiful smile!

The ability to smile beautifully increases self-esteem, attracts the interlocutor's attention and arouses his favor.

If you are now thinking about correcting the dentition, then we are glad to inform you that today dentistry offers many different solutions.

Doctors-orthodontists are engaged in the correction of an incorrect bite or the alignment of crooked teeth. These procedures are successfully performed for patients of all ages.

The technique and treatment plan are selected individually for each patient. Therefore, the professionalism of the orthodontist is so important. To select the most effective method for correcting the position of the dentition or individual teeth in each case, special diagnostic procedures are used.

Popular types of bracket systems


Vestibular braces.

These systems are currently the most common. They are attached to the outside of the teeth. For their manufacture, metal, plastic, ceramics, sapphires are used. The price of a bracket system depends on the selected materials. The most prestigious ones recommended by Kharkov orthodontists are sapphire braces. Specially cut stones refract the sun rays falling on them, as a result of which the bracket system is almost invisible. In our clinic, you can also install metal and ceramic braces. Vestibular braces are hardly felt and do not affect diction.

Lingual braces.

These structures are attached to the inside of the teeth, so they are not visible at all. The model is suitable for those who experience severe psychological discomfort from wearing conventional models visible on the outer part of the dental arch. However, such systems create more inconvenience during operation. You will have to get used to brushing your teeth, eating and communicating in a new way. Also, the treatment process itself is much longer.

How long should braces be worn?


The specific terms of use of the bracket system are determined by the orthodontist depending on the clinical situation. The average period is 1–2,5 years, since, in fact, an already grown tooth will have to be moved, gradually forcing it to take the correct position. Get ready for the fact that only the first half of the procedure ends when the braces are removed. The same amount of time will have to use a retention device - a removable or non-removable device to fix the result achieved by the bracket system. You need to come for an orthodontist's examination during treatment on average once a month.

If medical indications allow, in order not to wear a bracket system, you can use a transparent individual mouthguard. The mouthguard is almost invisible, but allows you to correct the bite just as effectively.

Before installing braces

The first step is to consult an orthodontist. As a result, you will receive individual recommendations and will be able to make an informed decision.

The next step is to definitely carry out dental treatment and professional cleaning of the oral cavity... This will eliminate the development of caries while wearing a bracket system.

We always treat each patient very responsibly. Meeting for good reasons is one of the main missions of our work. It's nice when patients become our friends and recommend us to their friends.

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