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Openly giving your smile to the world is a real pleasure. If for some reason you have lost one or more teeth, it is easy to restore the aesthetics and health of your smile with the help of implantation.

Dental implantation Is a method of replacing a lost tooth root with an artificial analogue, on which a crown is subsequently installed.

Today, there are no equivalent methods with the same efficiency to restore both aesthetic and functional properties of a lost tooth. One of the advantages of implantation, which we will describe below, is the lifespan of the implant - throughout life.

Why is it so important to replace a missing tooth?

The absence of even one tooth affects both the quality of food chewing and the even distribution of the load on the entire dentition. Over time, this affects the health of the entire body. Primarily the gastrointestinal tract. May affect bite and diction.

It is much more difficult to correct the situation later. Therefore, we strongly recommend restoring the dentition as early as possible. From our side, we guarantee professional assistance in solving this problem.

Why did German dentistry choose the Straumann (Switzerland) dental implant system?

The network of clinics "German Dentistry" is an authorized partner of the world's best manufacturer of dental implants - the Swiss company Straumann. This allows us to provide not only implants that are unique in quality, reliability and engraftment, but also the best price.

With Straumann implants we can really cope with any most unusual situation, be confident and guarantee an excellent treatment result!

The main advantages of the Straumann implant system

  • The highest rates of engraftment based on numerous clinical studies at the best universities in the world.
  • International guarantee of quality and patient service, no matter where you are.
  • A unique alloy of materials from which the implants are made - ROXOLID. Scientific research has shown that replacing titanium with Roxolid led to an increase in implant engraftment rate by 2% (from an average of 96,8% to 98,4%), which actually reduces the risks by 2 times!

  • Roxolid is 35% stronger than pure titanium, from which virtually all dental implants are made.
  • The unique surface of the implant - SLACTIVE, which improves the blood supply to the bone tissue, accelerates the regeneration processes immediately after placing the implant in the bone, reduces the healing time of the dental implant by 2 months
  • A wide range of innovative solutions and opportunities for patients in the most unusual situations.

Warranties and service life

Clear guarantees are our professional open position. You can learn more about the warranty and service life of dental implants at this page.

How much does one STRAUMANN implant cost to deliver in Kharkov?

Thanks to the official partnership with the best company in the world, we have a special price for the most technologically advanced Straumann implants.

We are a completely accessible clinic. Medicine is a complex discipline that requires the use of a large amount of technology, knowledge and protocols. Many of our services are already included in the price of a specific treatment. The price for an implant already includes everything you need, namely the work of a doctor, installation of the implant, anesthesia, suture application and removal, all the necessary medication package. Many clinics manipulate the number of small services and manipulations in the treatment process. The cost of a treatment that seemed inexpensive eventually becomes impressive.

We work in a fundamentally different way. You know everything in advance. All inclusive. Nothing extra. Our professional consultants-administrators will tell you about this as clearly as possible by phone or at a meeting in our clinics.                                                 And also about the compliments from the clinic.

How to view our work?

Our work "Before and After" you can see in this section of the site... If you have any additional questions, we are happy to answer them professionally!

What does All Inclusive mean?

In the clinics "German Dentistry" most of our services have a clear cost, which includes all materials, manipulations, visits, anesthesia, drugs, etc. Together with guarantees, this approach allows you to clearly understand what result and for what money you will get. No hidden or additional fees. This is our honest and principled position!

Dental implants: pros and cons

Crowns installed on artificial roots have many advantages, but there are also certain disadvantages:



  • Visually, they do not differ from real teeth.
  • With proper installation and regular care, such a design is durable (implants can serve for decades).
  • Restoration of a missing tooth does not require preparation (grinding) of adjacent teeth.
  • Thanks to the artificial root, bone tissue does not atrophy and does not "dissolve".
  • The use of implants allows you to install any number of teeth - even the entire row.
  • Implants are easy to care for - just like natural teeth. Unlike prostheses, you don't have to worry about the jaw falling out.


  • Installation of implants is a surgical operation. Therefore, certain complications are not excluded during its implementation, as well as during the rehabilitation period. Such cases are extremely rare.
  • There is a risk that the implant will not take root, although thanks to modern materials the probability of this is very low (no more than two cases of rejection are recorded per 100 cases of installation).
  • In some cases, there is not enough bone tissue to install an artificial root, so it has to be augmented.
  • Working with implants requires financial costs, which, however, pays off over time due to the reliability and durability of the structure.


To obtain complete information specifically for your situation, please contact our specialists for advice, and we will select the most optimal solution for you.

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