Artistic restoration of teeth

Artistic restoration of teeth allows you to completely restore both the appearance of the tooth, precisely choosing even the shade, and its functionality.

The teeth restored by the method of artistic restoration acquire their natural shape and color and are no different from healthy ones.

Advantages of artistic dental restoration:

  • absolutely painless (patients with tooth sensitivity can use anesthesia).
  • assumes minimal impact on teeth.
  • perfectly restores the aesthetics of teeth

 Art restoration necessary when:

  • the tooth is affected by caries;
  • there are gaps between the teeth;
  • part of the tooth is chipped;
  • defects appeared on the enamel;
  • teeth are irregular.

Methods of artistic restoration

The procedure is performed by direct and indirect methods.

do-posleDirect method... Rehabilitation procedures are performed directly in the patient's mouth. The doctor restores the lost part of the tooth or fills the interdental spaces using photopolymers (light-curing composite materials). Depending on the complexity of the work, the procedure takes up to 1 hour. Several teeth can be restored in one visit to the doctor.

17502466262Indirect method... Veneers are used to restore the aesthetic qualities of teeth. They are thin plates of porcelain or composite material that replace the layers of the front of the tooth. The veneers are made in a dental laboratory, therefore the procedure is carried out in several visits.

Stages of restoration of teeth with veneers:

  • Preparatory work. If necessary, the tooth is treated and filled.
  • Veneer making. An impression is taken, according to which the technician makes the veneer.
  • Veneer installation. The finished product is attached to the front of the tooth. Only a dentist can remove the installed veneer. You cannot do this on your own.

Benefits of restoration with veneers

  • Uneven tooth surfaces can be corrected.
  • Easily corrects the color of the non-whitening tooth.
  • Easy restoration of the perfect smile.
  • Possibility to combine veneers and crowns. Prerequisite: Crowns and veneers must be made from the same material.

Limitations of the use of veneers

  • Malocclusion.
  • Lack of chewing teeth.
  • Classes in extreme or traumatic sports (hockey, boxing, wrestling).

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