Tooth Canal Treatment - Tooth Nerve Removal

If you have ever encountered a toothache, then you understand why it is considered one of the most severe. But it's not the tooth itself that hurts. Pain is often caused by a condition in the tooth nerve. Removing a tooth nerve is the saddest procedure for a dentist because it means that it is no longer possible to save a tooth. And although the tooth may remain in place and serve for a very long time, it will already be dead.

Endodontic treatment is an extreme measure when the condition of the tooth does not allow using other methods of preserving the tooth and it is necessary to remove the nerve. In most cases, with proper treatment, the tooth will retain its functional properties for many years.

All stages of treatment are painless - anesthesia is used.

The main causes of pulp disease

  • The negative influence of bacteria that have penetrated into the tooth through a carious cavity or crack.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Tooth trauma resulting in nerve damage.

Anatom_Pulp inflammation is easy to diagnose. As a rule, it is manifested by painful sensations of varying intensity, more often at night. Root canals should be treated and filled as soon as possible. This will help avoid inflammation of the bone surrounding the tooth root.

Removing a tooth's nerve can often save a tooth that would have to be removed and replaced with an artificial one without proper treatment. Teeth that have been healed according to the modern endodontic protocol do not cause recurrent problems in most cases.

Modern endodontic equipment, progressive methods of treatment and high professionalism clinic doctors "German Dentistry" in Kharkov makes it possible to save even badly damaged teeth. Treatment can stop the development of infections and related diseases of the bone tissue and gums and prevent tooth loss.

Treatment and filling of tooth canals will be as comfortable as possible and absolutely safe for your health.

In the early stages, most situations are resolved quickly and easily, and after receiving specialist advice, you can make the right decision. Therefore, if you feel discomfort or pain, immediately go through a dental examination. Timely identification of a future problem can not only save the tooth, but it is possible to avoid removing the nerve.


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