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  Does your child know the Tooth Fairy?

In our clinic, children's reception is the most favorite. Our team is not only top-class professionals, but also psychologists. We know how to create magic, find an approach to children of any age and temperament. We are not in a hurry to "put" into a medical sleep. If necessary, we will correct the previous negative experience. Our priority is the child's trust.


In childhood, the health of the whole body is formed, and on the first visit to the dentist, the child's attitude towards visiting the dentist is laid. Therefore, it is very important that the acquaintance goes well and that after the first visit the child has positive memories.

Why in German

Shh !! Let's share a secret with you!

A team of super heroes is looking forward to visiting little guests. We do not just know how to heal. Our task is to motivate the child for high-quality home oral care, which will reduce the appearance of caries in the future, make preventive visits a joyful event that the child will look forward to. Do you think this is impossible? Nineteen years of impeccable work, constant improvement of knowledge and skills, a unique atmosphere that our team is able to create, great mutual love and this is just the tip of the iceberg

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How much will dental treatment cost for a child?

We will gladly destroy the myth that treatment in German Dentistry is very expensive. Our price list is simple, concise and absolutely accessible. Many clinics manipulate the number of small services and manipulations in the treatment process. The cost of treatment that seemed inexpensive eventually becomes impressive. Our principles of work are fundamentally different. You can read more about the philosophy of the clinic and the benefits of treatment here   https://harkov.stomatology.com.ua/o-nas/filosofiya-klinik/

See our work  https://harkov.stomatology.com.ua/o-nas/nashi-raboty/

What do we guarantee?

  1. psychological comfort of the child and his parents

  2. high-quality and modern dental care

  3. the most predictable treatment result

  4. detailed recommendations for oral care

  5. care and attention from real tooth fairies

How the issue of safety and sterility is solved in the clinic

One of the most critical issues for our team is the safety of our patients. We have developed a special multi-stage security protocol. More details can be found here  https://harkov.stomatology.com.ua/kak-my-obespechivaem-bezopasnost-priema-nashih-patsientov/

Is it worth treating baby teeth

The condition of milk teeth determines the health of future permanent teeth, the correct formation of the jaws, respectively, the bite, the oval of the face and even, as scientists have proven, the posture. Therefore, milk teeth need to be treated with high quality and in a timely manner, and only by a specialist in pediatric dentistry.

What problems do young patients most often face? What to look for first

  • The development of caries (in children, the enamel is thinner and more sensitive). Parents usually notice this destructive process with a sufficiently large tooth defect, while an experienced dentist can reveal a subtle characteristic darkening in the most inaccessible places.
  • Malocclusion, misalignment of the dentition, curvature of the teeth. Such pathologies occur to varying degrees in most children. Without being a specialist, parents may initially not notice or pay enough attention to the anomaly. The main thing is not to miss the optimal time to start the correction (experts recommend starting work at the age of 5-7).
  • Inflammation of the soft tissues of the teeth and gums. Most often, we are talking about inflammation of the pulp - such a problem arises if caries is not treated in time.
  • Infectious dental diseases (stomatitis). They can be associated with both dental diseases and general diseases of the child (sore throat, herpes, allergic reactions, etc.)

Professionals say: caries and any other problems of milk teeth must be eliminated immediately. We will show your little one that a visit to pediatric dentistry can be not only useful and comfortable, but also fun. We guarantee a good mood. We look forward to visiting :)

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Registration and consultation:

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We will tell you how to properly prepare a child for the first meeting and how to persuade to make an appointment with a doctor, if the child is already scared


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Let the world be filled with happy children's smiles!

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