We are a young, energetic and promising team "German Dentistry". We are looking for positive and forward-looking colleagues who want to make decisions solely in the interests of patients and work in a unique professional environment.

Our requirements for doctors:

  1. At least 5 years of work experience (exclusively private dental practice).
  2. Valid confirmation or upgrade certificates.
  3. Documents confirming professional growth - participation in practical workshops, seminars, conferences (foreigners are especially welcome!)
  4. Digital evidence of their work (photos, X-rays, intraoral images, etc.).
  5. Ability to think clinically and make decisions in a team.
  6. Knowledge, understanding and practical knowledge of modern technologies / methods of diagnosis and treatment.
  7. Willpower and desire to learn.
  8. Positive thinking.
  9. Additional knowledge, interesting hobbies are of great importance!

What we promise:

  1. Official employment.
  2. Friendly and unique atmosphere.
  3. European working conditions.
  4. High salary with a bonus system.
  5. Full employment and pleasure from work :)

If YES, then we ask you to send your resume by mail:


Or you can call :)

1) Telephone for direct communication: 0675799949 or 0509300357

2) You can sign up for a visit through the clinic's best reception :) 0577171716