Dental clinics in Kharkov and Kiev "German Dentistry" are a progressive team of specialists who use reliable treatment methods, proven technologies, as well as the best European dental clinics in their work.

We build our work on a single value system that is shared by all our guests. She builds trust that grows into friendship and a healthy smile for the whole family!

Our core values ​​and principles

Honesty and maximum information

Openness and honesty are common European values ​​that are shared and used by all civilized companies. We and our guests have equal rights and responsibilities regarding our health and quality of life.


All inclusive system

You pay only for real services, not visits and manipulations. Modern diagnostic methods and correct treatment tactics allow eliminating unnecessary visits to the doctor. The clinic "German Dentistry" uses exclusively technologies and methods of treatment with a high international level of evidence.

Transparent cost

The list of dental services that are required in a particular case is negotiated before starting treatment. This allows you to inform the client in advance of the final cost of treatment. This approach takes place regardless of the volume, complexity and duration of the provision of professional dental care.

Payment "based on results"

There is no need to pay for treatment straight away or in full. You pay for our work only after we achieve the desired result in the treatment. If a long-term complex treatment is expected, you can make a full prepayment on special and individual conditions.


At the current level of development of medicine, the knowledge and capabilities of the world's best doctor are limited. Therefore, often, especially in difficult or non-standard situations, we work in a team of at least 3 doctors. This is the only way to ensure the most predictable result.

Who are our guests and how can we help you?

Our guests and admirers are partners of the clinic in terms of their health. Therefore, the rights and obligations of the clinic and our visitors are equal. This approach guarantees:

  1. correct and accurate medical support from the clinic;
  2. joint control of the results obtained during the treatment process and after its completion.

The first impression that it is expensive is deceiving!

The fact that treatment in "German Dentistry" is expensive is a myth. We are one of the few medical clinics that does not “sell” manipulations and visits to doctors, but offers clear and affordable solutions to any (including complex) dental problems. You pay for the result of the treatment: clearly, clearly, on time. "German Dentistry" - a clinic of premium opportunities!

At the first meeting

Examination and diagnosis before surgery.

In a partnership, the parties must have all the information available to make the right decision. Therefore, our task is to carry out a full-fledged diagnosis (X-ray or computed tomography), to provide all options for the development of treatment and the result that will be obtained in each.

This approach guarantees the predictable timing and results of treatment.

We know what medicine should be like in the XNUMXst century

Our two main medical principles are correct prevention and international treatment protocols with an evidence-based level of effectiveness. No experimenting. We value our reputation and want to meet our fans only for good reasons!

Welcome to the world of German Dentistry! Travel in first class!

During the consultation, we are always ready to find the best solution for you, which will bring you excellent results and positive emotions both during and after treatment. This is appreciated in our work and is trusted to take care of the health of their children.


To sign up for a consultation, leave your contact phone number by clicking on the phone icon at the bottom right of the screen - we will call you back and sign you up for a consultation with a specialist.

Get to know the team и examples of our work.

Come to the clinic "German Dentistry" in Kharkov at the address: st. Chernyshevskaya, 26

And smile more often!